Black Hills Trucking is a current member of ISNetworld, PEC Premier, and ComplyWorks. At Black Hills Trucking we strive to comply with owner operator requirements, as well as all local, state, and federal regulations.


Beginning January 2014 Black Hills Trucking Implemented a JJ Keller Training program meeting all the training requirements of DOT, OSHA, and Owner Operators.  This program provides immediate updates to training material as regulations change.  Black Hills Trucking uses this program for all new hire employees as well as quarterly recurrent safety training.  Additionally, Black Hills Trucking provides all employees 10 Hour OSHA Training and Crosby rigger training for employees whose job duties require said training.  Please see Training Matrix to see our full training program.

Safety Goal

Black Hills Trucking strives to provide the safest working environment possible while operating in the ever challenging Oil and Gas Industry.  Black Hills Trucking’s management requires all employees to make safety their 1st priority.  Black Hills Trucking continues to make every effort for ZERO incidents/accidents in the work place. 


Please see individual terminal locations for safety personnel contact information!