Employees, Job Applicants Can Self-Identify

As of March 24, 2014, due to changes in federal law, True companies are required to invite job applicants and employees to self-identify their status as a member of certain protected groups. Current employees may voluntarily and confidentially self-identify as members of certain ethnic groups, veterans or individuals with disabilities utilizing the forms within the True companies employee page.  There are no benefits or penalties for choosing or declining to self-identify. Self-identifying is voluntary, confidential, and entirely self-reported. No one will follow up to verify if you are a veteran, have a disability, etc. For more information on how to self-identify and for answers to your questions please contact Human Resources at humanresources@truecos.com. While you will be able self-identify at any time, we would appreciate all those who can to self-identify before August 30, 2014.

 Posted on August 10, 2014


Marlin Hanson
Senior Superintendent and Safety Director
(307) 266-0443
Glenn Hebert
Chief Accountant
(307) 266-0305
(307) 266-0289
Jim Dona
Safety Coordinator
(307) 266-0417
Becky Mardikian
Records & Licensing
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Ginger Davis
Records & Licensing
(307) 266-0274